Upgrades - Desktop or Laptop

We all know our computers have limited shelf lives—otherwise everyone would still be rocking desktops from the days of Windows 95. But when exactly does that machine get so old and sluggish that you need to replace it? Good news: There might still be life in your current computer. You just need to improve the aging hardware's speed and reliability with one of these affordable upgrades

After using your computer for a long period, you may find that your computer is not fast enough or even freezes frequently. At this time, if you don't have enough money to purchase a new one but want to improve computer performance, you can improve computer performance with some hardware upgrades.

✔ Upgrade RAM to Add More Memory
✔ Upgrade HDD to SSD for Fast Running Speed
✔ Upgrade Graphics Card for Game Users
✔ Upgrade the Processor
✔ What Should I upgrade? Please come in and discuss for free advice

Upgrade Costs

Price : $0

No charge for us to offer advice on what you should upgrade, or even if you should upgrade at all. Generally speaking, RAM, SSD, graphics card, and processor are the most frequently seen upgrades in various pc upgrades

Price : $25

Most upgrades would fall into this category, they probably take less than an hour to install and test. We do test though, to ensure system stability.

Price : $50-$100

Installs such as upgrading from your old hard drive to a SSD, which requires cloning of the drive, so no files are missing, can take several hours. Complete system rebuilds and motherboard upgrades would also fall into this category. Happy to quote however beforehand.