Password Recovery

Forgot your passwords? Need help with a Windows 10 password reset? With one hundred and one complex and unique passwords to keep track of, it’s no wonder so many of us lose track. The bad news is, forgetting important passwords can cause serious issues. We might not be able to login to our bank, check our emails, or even make a phone call. And the password reset process isn’t always straightforward.

We can also recover passwords from certain files. While most password recoveries are successful, each case is unique and deserves dedicated attention. The main factors that influence password recovery include: Password Length, Encryption type, Size of Encrypted Files, Location of Encrypted Files

Lose or forget your password for websites or your emails? It may be possible to recover them as well, even if it requires us to ring the companies with your information, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

✔ Change/Remove password for Windows 10 Login (Includes other Windows Operating Systems)
✔ Change/Remove password for macOS
✔ Change/Remove passwords for files and folders
✔ Change/Remove passwords for websites or emails
✔ No charge if it cannot be done, due to encryption type and other factors listed above.

Labour Rates

Price : $0

There is no charge for us to diagnose your computer issue. Our rates are so low, you won't want to go anywhere else. We also offer a no-fix, no-fee guarantee. We will also recommend when a repair is not worth your money.

Price : $50

Honestly, most jobs can be fixed within the first hour. No need to throw away money for a simple job, well that is what we believe. On the occasion it will go over that time, we will generally inform you when the job is booked in, or diagnosed.

Price : $100

Max rate of $100 in total for labour, even if for some reason it took us days to fix. You are booking in your computer with us, knowing how much it will cost with no surprises at the end. If parts are needed, they are charged on top, but you will be contacted first.