Data Recovery

Have you lost data? Maybe deleted a file accidentally, or your computer has completely crashed. Stop using the computer as you can be overwriting the data. We can attempt to recover the data on a failing hard drive. We can advise you regarding the health of your hard drive, ensure that you retain your data, and have backups for the future.

Depending on how important the data is to you, I may recommend details of another recovery company who can recover from none running drives with a high success rate as they are a specialist in data recovery. They are very expensive however due to the technology and dust proof rooms. It is possible it can run into the $1000's.

We will recover data from broken or damaged hard drives/storage, recover data from external (portable) hard drive/storage or recover data from laptops as well as desktop computers. As professionals that follow due processes and industry standards, we will not do anything on your hard drive or storage until you have consented to the solutions we have created for your data recovery. No recovery possible? There is no charge.

✔ Hard Drives
✔ Removable Drives
✔ Laptops and Desktops
✔ Flash/USB Drives
✔ Memory Cards
✔ Other Storage Media

Labour Rates

Price : $0

There is no charge for us to diagnose your computer issue. Our rates are so low, you won't want to go anywhere else. We also offer a no-fix, no-fee guarantee. We will also recommend when a repair is not worth your money.

Price : $50/hour

We have an impressive 85% data recovery success rate. In the unfortunate situation where no data is recoverable, there will be no charge to you

Price : $0

There will be times when we can't recover any files, due to the damage of the device. We will then recommend data recovery specialists and while they charge a lot, if the data is important to you, they have a higher probability of recovery.