In the past, we often heard parents warn their children about the dangers they’d meet outside their homes and constantly reminded them to be safe when crossing the street, avoid receiving anything from a stranger, etc. While those worries still exist today, parents are confronted with an additional dilemma of keeping their family both safe and entertained while using the Internet. The digital world is considered a dangerous place for anyone – be it kids, young adults, and adults. Online security is a challenging task for every family. Technological advancement, while giving numerous benefits, poses a lot of risks and threats to families too.

There is nothing wrong with monitoring what your family members, especially the young ones, are doing while using the internet once in awhile. You might want to know what kind of websites they access and what kind of people they are interacting with.

Communication goes a Long Way

Lack of communication can create unhealthy gaps among families. Let your family members feel that they can approach you anytime. Tell them about the benefits and risks of using the internet. Set clear expectations and boundaries that they can understand. With this, you can be more confident that they can discuss anything that happens to them offline or online. Along with this filtering device, it will go a long way for their safety online.

More Details

The Family Safe Filtering Box is powered by a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B running Raspberry Pi OS, which is a flavour of Linux. The filtering is controlled by NxFilter which is used by non-profit organizations, schools, hospitals, companies and business environments, and now home filtering. NxFilter is a light-weight DNS filter that doesn't cause any latency issues on your network, it may even increase speeds since the DNS is handled locally. Jahaslist is the default domain categorization option for NxFilter. We ship 30 day trial license for Jahaslist in NxFilter package. After the trial, it is still free for up to 25 users/devices online at the same time. You can also add custom filtering to Jahaslist, and also control the whole list by yourself if you have more users/devices.

A demo of the control panel is available from their website, go HERE to check it out. You can purchase the Family Safe Filtering Box by itself, if you are happy to set it up following guides. All usernames and passwords are supplied with the product, but of course change them when you have it setup. I do however, also offer a service of setting up the device in your home/business and showing how to control it through the control panel. It takes roughly 1 hour but well worth it.

The Family Safe Filtering Box can be setup to work over wireless, though we recommend using a LAN (Ethernet) connection, in case your WiFi network decides to play up, as is often the case with cheaper WiFi devices. The box is happy to run in the background, never needing you to bring up the control panel, however, you can configure it to detect who is using the internet and changing the filtering rules for different people. Most homes for example, may have a Children Policy and also a Parent Policy that won't have as many rules set. You can also set it up so you see what George (for example) is doing, while Amy (for example) is also doing. Reports and Alerts can also be emailed every few hours, every day or every few weeks.

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