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43 Eiser Street, Harristown Toowoomba

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Doctor Data Toowoomba

About us

Doctor Data was established in 2010 to provide customers across Toowoomba and surrounding areas with a comprehensive range of computer services, placing a special emphasis on achieving 100% customer satisfaction. Our owner/operator has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years and set up our business to offer his invaluable experience and expertise to customers and business clients who want support, repairs and services that they can rely on.

Previous experience with working for Telstra (3 years) and schools through Toowoomba and surrounds (7 years). I wanted to go back to my passion of repairing computers and working with customers one on one, giving the best experience to the customer and explaining things in non-computer-jargon, also known as human talk.

My reviews speak for themselves and I pride my business' reach from word of mouth mostly. Please feel comfortable either contacting me online, by phone, or in person so we can discuss any issues you have having with your computer or device.

I work from an office in a backyard, this keeps all prices down, while maintaining a professional and safe setting. Just travel to the end of the driveway, near the garage, and you will see my office on the left. I'm also happy to pickup jobs from the road to save you the trouble. Please take note it is by appointment only, not only due to COVID-19 restrictions, but also I have remote jobs at times.